Winners 2022

COLOR BREED CONGRESS  was amazing: 7 NSBA Champions, 1 Highpoint Ranch Horse & 2 Res Highpoint Ranch horses, numerous Res Champions & Top 5’s! Thank you to all the Judges, and Show Management for the long hours!


🌟 Cowboys Top Dream & Angie Reichert: OPEN HIGHPOINT CHAMPION RANCH HORSE ABRA; NSBA                               Champion Open Ranch Trail ABRA; NSBA Champion Open Ranch Rail PtHA; Champion Open Ranch Riding                ABRA; Champion Open Ranch Trail AB; Res Champion- Tied for Champion- PtHA Open Ranch Reining                          PtHA; Res Champion Open Ranch Rail ABRA      Owned by Rosemay Manzano

🌟 Malibu Wimpy & Devon Smith:  Res OPEN HIGHPOINT CHAMPION RANCH HORSE PHBA! Res Champion                     Open Ranch Rail PHBA NSBA, Res Champion Open Ranch Reining PHBA, Res Champion Open Ranch                          Riding NSBA, Top 3- Tied for Res Champion! Open Ranch Trail PHBA.  Owned by: Hannah Patterson
🌟 KC’s Carbine & Kait Murphy: Res HIGHPOINT CHAMPION RANCH HORSE Youth AB; NSBA Champion Yth Trail                      PtHA, NSBA Champion Yth Rail Ptha, Champion Rail Yth All Breed, Res Champion Ranch Riding Yth All                          Breed, Res Champion- Tied for 1st!! Ranch Trail Yth All Breed, Top 3 Ranch Trail Yth All Breed
🌟 KCs Carbine & Angie Reichert: NSBA Champion Open Ranch Trail PtHA

🌟 A Good RayA Sunshine & Cassie Hunley: NSBA Champion Ranch Rail PHBA Am, NSBA Champion Ranch                      Riding PHBA Am, Res Champion Ranch Rail Am PHBA, Top 3: PHBA Amateur Ranch Trail & Ranch                                    Horsemanship, Ranch Riding & PtHA Am Ranch Trail Am
🌟 A Good Raya Sunshine & Angie Reichert4th Overall Open Ranch Trail 
🌟 A Good Raya Sunshine & Devon Smith:  6th Overall Open Ranch Riding 

Nite Time Affair & Angie Reichert: Open Ranch Trail PtHA- Tied for Res Champion; Open Ranch Trail- Tied for                   Res Champion AB; Open Ranch Rail AB;   Owned by Rosemay Manzano
Cowboys Top Dream &
Angie Reichert
Lacey Good Bar &
Dara Cole
KC's Carbine & 
Kait Murphy
Ima Good Raya Sunshine & 
Cassie Hunley
Nite Time Affair

Houston Livestock Show: Thank you to all the Judges, show management and volunteers for their long hours that make this show a success! Its wonderful to see Youth numbers of 35 entries!! We had a great show! We went with no expectations as we were showing “4 horses that had never been shown” and 5 that have never done any Ranch, but the show was a success! The numbers were huge & competition was fierce.
🌟 Nite Time Affair: Open Ranch Highpoint Res Champion Apha; Res Champion Open Ranch Riding, Res                             Champion Open Ranch Reining.  Owned by: Rosemay Manzano

🌟 Mobster Whiz Dollars & Angie Reichert:  Champion Open Ranch Reining, Top 10: 8th Overall out of ~31 entries                Open Ranch Trail.  Owned by Nancy Kline

🌟 Cowboys Top Dream & Angie Reichert:  Res Champion Open Ranch Rail out if ~25 entries!  
          Owned by Rosemay Manzano
🌟 Cowboys Top Dream & Hanna Manzano: Res Champion out of 34 entries!! Youth Ranch Conformation

🌟 Ima Busy Cashin Chex & Garrison Crow: Res Champion Youth Reining! Top 5 Ranch Riding, 4th place Ranch                 Conformation
🌟 Daddys Best Bet & Brook Humphreys: Res Champion AQHA Yth Hunter Under Saddle, Top 5- 4th Trail, Top 5                 Western Pleasure
🌟 KCs Carbine & Kait Murphy:  Res Champion Youth Ranch Riding, Top 3 Youth Ranch Rail Pleasure & Youth                       Conformation,  Top 4 Youth Ranch Rail & Reining, Top 5 Ranch Pleasure, Top 10: 7th Overall out of 35!! Youth                 Ranch Rail, Top 10 Youth Ranch Trail: 6,7,7, Top 10 Youth Horsemanship: 7,8,10
🌟 KCs Carbine & Angie Reichert Winning Open Ranch Rail

🌟 Hickory Custom Chic & Angie Reichert: Top 5 Ranch Riding, Top 5 Ranch Trail Owned by: Vickie Williams


ARHA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW; World Equestrian Center, Ocala, FL

🌟 Hanna Manzano & Nite Time Affair: WORLD CHAMPION Ranch Riding Yth 13 and Under. Open Jr Ranch Riding Top- 8th Overall

🌟 Brook Humphreys & Daddys Best Bet: Top 5 Youth Showmanship, Top 6 NY Showmanship, Top 6 Horsemanship         Finalist & 13th Overall
🌟 Angie Reichert & Cowboys Top Dream: Sr Ranch Riding: Top 6 Overall Owned by Rosemay Manzano
🌟 Dara Stanfill & Lacey Good Bar: Top 6 in Am Showmanship, Top 5 Sr Trail, 
🌟 Kerri Davies & Always Got My Shine On: Select Ranch Riding: Finalist & Top 10

🌟 Angie Reichert & Mobster Whiz Dollars:  Jr Ranch Riding: Top 10 & 12th Overall
       Owned by Nancy Kline