2011 Winners

Thank you to all my clients for allowing yourself to be so teachable, hardworking, dedicated, and and just down right fun to hang out with at horse shows! WINNING while having Fun doing what you love is what matters most. I appreciate you all, and when I count my blessings, I count you all too.


2011 NWFQHA Year End High Point Winners

  • Kristen Urbanavage & Zippos Gold Medalist
    • Highpoint All Around Youth
    • Highpoint All Around Novice Youth
    • ELEVEN NWFQHA Year End Circuit Championships in:
      Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, HUS, EQ, Showmanship and more!!! 

  • Sue Sherlock & IE Scorching
    • Highpoint in Select HUS
    • Highpoint in Jr and Green HUS with Angie Reichert in the irons.

December 2011

  • Holiday Classic: Hattiesburg, MS
    • Tracey Schraeder & Got Hot Grease On Me
      • Circuit Champions in NA Western Pleasure
    • Karen Oney & Sterling Good Image
      • Winners of the Sr Western Pleasure with Angie Reichert aboard.

September 2011Winners!

  • NWFQHA Futurity: Pensacola, FL
    • Sue Sherlock & IE Scorching
      • Circuit Champions in Select HUS. Points in Green and Jr HUS with Angie Reichert
    • Kristen Urbanavage & Zippos Gold Medalist
      • All Around Champions in Nov Youth; Winning 3 Circuit Championships
    • Got  Hot Grease On Me
      • Points in All Age trail second time shown- piloted by Angie Reichert.
  • AOHA Year End State State Show; 3 judges:
    • Kristen Urbanavage & Zippos Gold Medalist
      • Youth Res All Around Champion- Top Ten ALL events!! First in Youth Hunter Saddle (~ 60 entries), 3rd in Sr Western Pleasure
        (~ 50 entries), 3rd in Showmanship (~40 entries), 5th in Youth Western Pleasure (~55 entries).
    • Sue Sherlock & IE Scorching
      • 7th overall in English W/T (~ 55 entries)

 June 2011

  • Sun N Fun QH show; Gulfport, MS; 5 Judges
    • Tracey Schraeder & Got Hot Grease On Me
      • Nov. Amateur Western Pleasure Circuit Champions & Jackpot class winner. 
      • A special Congratulations to Tracey on her first ever Circuit Championship win!!
    • Angie Reichert & Got Hot Grease On Me
      • Jr WP Circuit Champions & pointing in Green Trail First time shown!
    • Sue Sherlock & IE Scorching
      • Winning and Points  in Select HUS with Sue, Green & Open HUS with Angie Reichert in the irons.
    • Nicole Lindsey & Huntin For My Lexus
      • Pointing in Open HUS with Angie Reichert in the irons!
      • Coming soon: Nicole in the Nov Am All Around events!
    • Kerri Davies & Im Red Hot Tonight
      • First time shown QH= 1st and 2nd in Green Western Pleasure with AR aboard
      • Coming soon: Kerri in the Western Pleasure!

 April 2011

  • NWFQHA Marianna, FL

  • Congrats RPH: ~ 10 Circuit Championships; All Around, and
    ~ 22 blues Western Pleasure, HUS, SMS, Eq, HMS, etc!!
    • Sue Sherlock & IE Scorching
      • Select HUS Circuit Champion
    • Angie Reichert & Huntin For My Lexus
      • Sr HUS Circuit Champion
    • Kristen Urbanavage & Zips Gold Medalis
      • NY All Around & many Circuit Championships

 February 2011

  • MQHA Dixie Nationals
  • Congrats to all RPH clients being in the Top Ten!!
    • Tracey Schraeder & Got Hot Grease On Me
      • NSBA Res. CHAMPION in Western Pleasure; Top Eight Overall in Western Pleasure with almost 40 entries!
    • Kristen Urbanavage & Zippos Gold Medalist
      • Top 3 in Nov Youth Trail; Top 5 in 2 classes; Top 10 in two more classes; Top Nine in Nov Youth HMS out of 34 entries!
    • Sue Sherlock & IE Scorching
      • Top Ten in HUS
    • Angie Reichert & Hunting For My Lexus
      • Top 4 in Sr HUS

  •  ALQHA; Mobile, AL
    • Kristen Urbanavage & Zippos Gold Medalist
      • All Around Nov Youth winning WP, HUS, HMS, Eq and more

 January 2011

  • HQHA, Perry, GA
    • Sherlock & IE Scorching
      • 6 firsts; Points in Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle: Select HUS
    • Got Hot Grease On Me
      • Tracey Schraeder Western Pleasure
      • Angie Reichert Hunter Under Saddle and Western Pleasure