2013 Winners

  • 2013 Dixie Nationals ~ February

    • Sterling Good Image: 2013 Dixie National Top Ten.
  • Congratulations: Dixie National Top Tens!!

    IE Scorching & Sue Sherlock:
    5th NSBA Overall in Hunter Under Saddle; 5th Select Equitation, 8th Select HUS, 10th Na HUS

    * Seeking Maggie Mae & Rachel Trebesh:
    4th Am Performance Halter Mares, 6th Na Equitation, 8th Amateur Eq, 9th Performance Mares

    * Got Hot Grease On Me & Angie Reichert:
    6th Overall in Green Trail ~ Owner: Tracey Fowler Schraeder

    * Sterling Good image & Angie Reichert:
    9th Overall in Green Trail and Finals in Sr Western Pleasure  ~ Owner Karen Oney

    * Zippos Gold Medalist & Kristen Urbanavage:

    Novice Youth Trail Res Champion


  •  NWFQHA: ~ March

         * Seeking Maggie Mae & Rachel Trebesh:
                Grand Champion Mare x 2; Reserve Champion Mare x 2. 

                Winning Open Performance Mares & Amateur Performance Mares

        * Bow Tie and Tails & Angie Reichert: 
               Winning and Res in Green Hunter Under Saddle; Reserve Sr
HUS  ~ Owner: Laura Smith

         * Sterling Good Image & Angie Reichert:
              Winning Green Trail; Winning Sr. Trail; Res Green Western Pleasure;
 3rd Open Performance

Geldings  ~ Owner: Karen Oney

         * IE Scorching & Angie Reichert: Reserve Jr Hunter Under Saddle  ~ Owner: Sue Sherlock


     * AQHA Region 10: Top Tens ~ May

     * IE Scorching & Sue Sherlock: Select Hunter Under Saddle- 8 th Overall

       * Got Hot Grease On Me & Tracey Schraeder: Select Western Pleasure- 9th Overall

       * Got Hot Grease On Me & Angie Reichert: Green Trail- 9th Overall

       * Sterling Good Image & Angie Reichert:  

              Sr Western Pleasure- 9th Overall ; and Sr Trail- 10 Overall ~ Owner: Karen Oney

     * Im Red Hot Tonight & Kerri Davies: Excellent rides in the Western Pleasure and the

              Horsemanship (with ~ 54 entries!)


     * NWFQHA: May

       * Real Sudden & Tracey Schraeder: Winning 2 x Res Champion 2yo Am Halter 

          * Got Hot Grease On Me & Tracey Schraeder: Winning Nov Am Western PleasurE and Angie Reichert: Winning Green Trail

        * IE Scorching & Sue Sherlock: Pointing in Am HUS & Angie Reichert: Pointing in Green HUS

        * I'm Red Hot Tonight & Kerri Davies: Two 3rds in Western Pleasure

       * Sterling Good Image & Angie Reichert: Pointing with 2nd Places in Sr. Western Pleasure; Green Western Pleasure; All Age Trail ~ Owner: Karen Oney


     * MQHA: Sun N Fun 5 Judges: June 

       * IE Scorching & Sue Sherlock: Circuit Champion Select HUS & NA HUS & Angie Reichert: Circuit Champion Green HUS 

      * Sterling Good Image & Angie Reichert: Circuit Champion Green Western Pleasure

      * Seeking Maggie Mae & Rachel Trebesh: Nov Am Res All Around; Res Champion Performance Mares; Points in Trail, Equitation, Horsemanship, Showmanship.

       * Got Hot Grease On Me & Tracey Schraeder: Points in Western Pleasure; Points in Hms first time shown for horse or rider!

      * Im Red Hot Tonight & Kerri Davies: Points in Western Pleasure!


* NWFQHA: June Team Tournament:

    * Sterling Good Image & Angie Reichert: WINNING Green Western Pleasure and Gr Trail

* Seeking Maggie Mae and Rachel Trebesh: WINNING Open Performance Mares and Amateur Performance mares.  WINNING Green Trail and NA Trail


 * Reichert Celebration: Aug-Sept: Ft Worth, TX

 2013 Reichert Celebration

  • Reichert

    Congratulations: Reichert Celebration Show

  • Real Sudden wins 2yo Color Breed Stakes Intermediate Rider 

  • Sterling Good Image & Angie Reichert   NSBA Green Trail: 3rd Overall   

               Owner: Karen Oney

* NWFQHA: September

    * Im Red Hot Tonight and Kerri Davies: WINNING Na Western Pleasure!

    * A Version Of Krymsun and Teresa Churchill: 2nd in Western Pleasure


* DGAHA: November

     * Old Money Talks and Maggie Bowers: Winning Year End All arounds in:

                                        * Youth Halter

                                        * Youth English

                                        * Youth Western 

                                        * Youth All Around

Bowers  Bowers