2017 Winners



    October Shows:

    All American Quarter Horse Congress: Columbus, Ohio

    Surely Cashin Chex CONGRESS CHAMPION  NRHA Open Freestyle Reining!! Also Top ten in the Open NSBA Ranch Riding out of 84 entries! 


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    November Shows:

    Color Breed Congress: Tulsa, OK

    *  Kerri Davies & Dee's Lucky Wranglers: Res Champion Am. Reining!

                     Top 5: Am. Ranch Riding, Am. Ranch Rail, Am. Ranch Trail


     *Jordan Reichert & Vendicated: Congress Champions Youth Aged Geldings winning on all cards!

                                      & Dreamin Of A Zippo: Top 4 Youth Western Pleasure


     * Angie Reichert & Surely Cashin Chex:  4X Open Division Highpoint Champion                                          

                                             CBC Show:    PtHA Open Highpoint Solid Division 

                                   CBC Ranch Show:  Open Highpoint PtHA Solid; Open Highpoint PHBA; All Breed Highpoint
                                                         * Winner of 6 Class Championships 

     * Angie Reichert & Dun It On High: Top 5 Open Ranch Riding PtHA Solid                                              



    *  Angie Reichert & Dreamin Of A Zippo: Top 5 Open Western Pleasure


    Palomino World Championship Show; Tunica, MS

    * Surely Cashin Chex and Angie Reichert: WORLD CHAMPION and FIRST ON ALL JUDGE'S CARDS in Open Ranch Riding AND Open Ranch Horse! Res Futurity World Champion in Open Ranch Rail Pleasure; 3rd Overall Open Reining!!

    * Heza Awsome Hint and Dara Stanfill: Top 5 in Amateur Ranch Riding!
              Angie Reichert: Tied for Res World Champion in Open Ranch Riding! 


    June Shows:

    Region 9; Jackson, MS


    *Jordan Reichert & Dreamin Of A Zippo: Circuit Champions and winning under all judges in his first show ever riding Youth Western Pleasure L1 w/j

    *Garrison Crow & CC Lucky Star: Winning the buckle in L1 Western Pleasure, Res Grand Champion Youth Aged Geldings 

    *Hannah Patterson & Miss Lacey Good Bar: Winning Horsemanship L1 w/j; Res in Trail and 1st attempt showing that class! 

    *Maggie Bowers & A Radical Sleep: Winning the Youth Aged Mares and Youth Trail L1

    *Jordan Reichert & Erupcion: Grand Champion x2, Res Grand Champion, Circuit Champion and Winning under all judges in Youth 2 yo Geldings

    *Angie Reichert & Surely Cashin Chex: Winning Open Reining 

    *Angie Reichert & Dreamin Of A Zippo: Winning Open Trail Res Circuit Champion 

    *Angie Reichert & Been Alotta Fun: Winning Sr Hunter Under Saddle 


    June Jubilee; Pensacola, FL

     * Dreamin Of A Zippo & Angie Reichert: Circuit Champion in Sr Western Pleasure placing 1,1,1,2.  
    Jordan Reichert: Circuit Champion in Youth Western Pleasure placing 1,1,1,1

    * Erupcion & Jordan Reichert: Grand Champion x4 & Circuit Champion in Youth 2yo Geldings placing 1,1,1,1

    * You Bet I'm A Star & Ashley Doan: All Around Youth & All Around L1 Youth. Circuit Champion in: Youth Showmanship; L1 Youth Sms; Horsemanship; L1 Hms; Youth Equitation; L1 Youth EQ; Youth Trail; Res. L1 Yth Trail; Youth Performance Halter.

    * A Radical Sleep & Maggie Bowers: Circuit Champion in L1 Youth Trail; Youth Performance Halter; Winning Youth Horsemanship and L1 Yth Hms.
         ~ Angie Reichert: Circuit Champion Jr Trail
    * Dees Lucky Wrangler & Kerri Davies: Circuit Champion in Open Reining; Amateur Reining; Winning Am. Ranch Riding
    * Surely Cashin Chex & Angie Reichert: Circuit Champions Open Reining with 1,1,1,1
    * IE Hush Money & Sue Sherlock: Circuit Champion in L1 Am Hunter Under Saddle w/t; L1 Am Equitation w/t.
           ~ Devon Smith: Res. in Green Hunter Under Saddle 1st time shown!
    * Miss Lacey Goodbar & Hannah Patternson: Circuit Champions L1 Trail w/t
    * Hesa Awesome Hint & Devon Smith: Points in Open Ranch Riding
    * Upstanding Paycheck & Hannah Beck: Circuit Champions in Youth Western Pleasure w/t; Equitation w/t first time showing at an AQHA show!  
         ~Lena Aviles: Circuit Champions in L1 Amateur Western Pleasure w/t
         ~Taylor Reeves: Winning Small Fry Horsemanship
    *  Don't Skip My Invitation & Lexi Rodeck: Circuit Champion Western Pleasure & Horsemanship L1 Youth w/t
    * Sheza Radical Cowgirl & Kyle Godwin: Circuit Champion Res & Winning L1 Western Pleasure w/j




    OQHA Spring Show; Oklahoma, City: 5 Judges


    *Jordan Reichert & Vendicated: Circuit Champion Youth Aged Geldings placings 1,1,1,1,1 and 5X Grand Champion

    *Jordan Reichert & Erupcion: Circuit Champion 2 yo Geldings with 1,1,1,2,2 and Reserve Champion Halter Geldings

    *Ashley Doan & Best Of Invited: Showed to only two judges in Youth Hunter Under Saddle L1 placing 2nd, 2nd

    *Maggie Bowers & VF Both Sides Zipped: Multiple Top 3 and Top 5 in the All Around Events


    AQHA L1 Championships; Oklahoma, City:


    *Ashley Doan & Best Of Invited: Top 10 (8th Overall) Youth Ranch Riding; Top 15 Hunter Under Saddle; Top 15 Horsemanship

     *Maggie Bowers & VF Both Sides Zipped: Finalist Yth Eq 13th


    NWFQHA Show; Pensacola, FL:


    *Kerri Davies & Dees Lucky Wrangler: Circuit Champions & Winning Am Ranch Riding and Am Reining

                     Angie Reichert: Circuit Champion in Open Reining

    *Angie Reichert & Surely Cashin Chex: Circuit Champion & 4x Winning huge class of Open Ranch Riding!

    *Jordan Reichert & Erupcion: Grand Champion Youth Geldings x4 and Circuit Champion

    *Hannah Patterson and Miss Lacey Good Bars: Circuit Champion Am Horsemanship w/j

    *Kyle Godwin and Shez A Radical Cowgirl: Circuit Champion Am Western Pleasure w/j

    *Lexy Peters &   Faith: Circuit Champion Youth Equitation w/t    Lena Aviles: Top 4 L1 HUS

    *Dara Stanfill & Hes An Awesome Hint: Top 5 in Ranch, HUS, & Eq  Maddie Hooper: HUS & Eq

    *Olivia Hopper & Suddenly A Cookie: Very nice rides in WP, HUS & Eq

    *Maggie Bowers & Uppin The Ante: Circuit Champion res Western Pleasure L1 Youth

    *Maggie Bowers & VF Both Sides Zipped: Class wins in Horsemanship, Showmanship, & Equitation

    *Taylor Reeves & Best Of Invited: Winning Small Fry Western Pleasure w/j

    *Lexi Rodeck & Don't Skip My Invitation: Circuit Champion in Small Fry Western Pleasure

    *Brook Humphreys & Zips Odyssey: Circuit Champion in Small Fry Horsemanship

    *Garrison Crowe & Annie: very nice rides in Youth Reining and Ranch



    Houston Stock Show; Houston, TX: 


    *Maggie Bowers & VF Both Sides Zipped: Circuit Champions: Performance Geldings; Youth Showmanship; L1 Yth SMS; Top 5 Yth Horsemanship; L1 HMS 

    *Lexy Peterson & Invitation For Faith: Top 6 in huge Halter Mares class in this duos first AQHA show!

    *Jordan Reichert & Vendicated: Grand Champion Youth Aged Geldings and Class winner under all Judges.

    *Jordan Reichert & Erupcion: Circuit Champion 2 yo Geldings



    Dixie Nationals; Jackson, MS

    *Angie Reichert & Surely Cashin Chex:   NRHA Open Reining Champions Lt.; Open Freestyle Reining- Tied for Reserve Champion Owned by Linda Williams


    *Taylor Reeves & Upstanding Paycheck:  Winning on all cards and Circuit Champions in Small Fry Equitation 

    *Kerri Davies & Dee's Lucky Wrangler:  Placing 5th in Ranch Riding on their first show together

    *Ashley Doan & Best Of Invited: Numerous Top Tens:  Top 3 HUS, Top 7 Horsemanship, Top 15 Ranch Riding

    *Maggie Bowers and VF Both Sides Zipped:  Numerous Top Tens: NSBA Champion Hunter Under Saddle, Top  3 Equitation,  Top 3 Showmanship, Top 4 Horsemanship 

    *Jordan Reichert & Erupcion:  Grand Champion Gelding and Res Grand Champion x3; Circuit Champion & Winning under all Judges in 2 yo Youth Geldings

    *Lena Aviles & Upstanding Paycheck:  Numerous Top Tens: Top 6 Horsemanship, Top 7 Equitation, Top 8 HUS   

    SESHA; Baker FL:

     *Angie Reichert & Surely Cashin Chex: Champion in Open Reining; Res Champion Open Ranch Riding. Owned by Linda Williams

     *Taylor Reeves & Dun It On High: Champion Youth Working Cow Horse       Owned by Linda Williams