Diversification is something we have mastered...

The training philosophy is a simple one: A pyramid training/riding program is in place that is geared heavily toward calisthenics. This keeps all horses happy, healthy and sound- both mentally and physically. This program is specifically constituted to fit each horse, and to cater to that individual’s level of training at the time s/he enters the facility; each horse is trained on the same program, but at a different rate. It does not matter what breed of horse you own, or what discipline you ride, this program will help advance you and your horse to his or her full potential

Diversification is something we have mastered at RPH! Winning close to 200 World titles, Res World titles, AQHA Congress Championships, Color Breed Congress Championships, and High-point titles in all events from Halter to Western Pleasure, Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Ranch Riding, Reining, and more! Dedication and discipline are very important with the right amount of fun which makes for a successful, happy barn. 


Expert Training with Professional Horseman...

Angie Reichert is a Professional Horseman with: AQHA, PHBA, ARHA, & PtHA while also holding Judging cards with these associations: PHBA, ABRA, IBHA, ARHA, POA, ASHA and has been a lifelong Horse Show fan. She has ~200 World / Res World Championships; an AQHA Congress Championship, PtHA Congress Championships and Pinto Congress Highpoints, PtHA World Championships, PHBA World Championships, ABRA & IBHA World Championships! These were acquired by Angie in Western Pleasure, Trail, Halter, Reining, Ranch Riding, Ranch Horse, Ranch Trail, and much more with her clients having World / Res WC in Halter, Horsemanship, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Trail, Equitation, and much more!  She is a long time/lifetime member of AQHA, NSBA, APHA, PHBA, IBHA, ABRA, ARHA, ASHA, PtHA, & NRCHA and many more.

Training and lessons are available for both Western and English disciplines- stretching from beginner to advanced riders. Training is available for all types of horses. However, we mostly train for the show pen.








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