Reichert PH - Client Testimonials

(2011) I have shown quarter horses for years, but like many young adults, when I started college my showing days began to slow down. I purchased a yearling palomino gelding when I was a freshman in college with hopes of training him myself. I green broke him, and I would show him at small open shows, but I knew this horse had undiscovered potential for bigger and better things. I did not have to ability or finances, for a while, to send him to a trainer to be finished out. 

            Finally, I graduated from college and found a full-time job, and this is when I began searching for a trainer to help finish Zipper out. I had seen Angie at the shows, and I had always been impressed with the way she trained her horses. Also, I have a friend that knows her, and she always told me she was an excellent trainer.  I contacted Angie, and I told me about my horse, and she was thrilled to take him in. In June 2011, I took Zipper to her, and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

            Angie is possibly the hardest working person I know, and she is always willing to help anyone out. It was amazing to see within weeks Zipper was moving like a completely different horse. She keeps telling me “He has the potential, and we will get him there,” and she definitely has worked wonders with him.  I have never seen another trainer ride and teach like she does. If you make mistakes, she talks you through it, and she makes me always want to try harder!  She never yells, and is always forgiving on the horse and rider, which goes a long way when you are both learning new things. 

            If I would have never sent Zipper to Angie, then I would still have a horse standing in the barn not living up to his potential.  She is incredible, and I thank God everyday that Zipper and I were given the opportunity to work with such a talented person. I would recommend to anyone- in a heart beat- to use Angie as a trainer. Thank you Angie for your hard work, dedication, and support! All of our success is and will be because of you!

Eden Owen

(2011) I officially met Angie Reichert 4 yrs ago at an AQHA show. I had been watching her training program, quiet demeanor, and work ethic from a distance at shows for awhile- and was very impressed with her professionalism and horses.  At that time, I had been with another trainer for several yrs showing at open shows and attempting to show QH without success. I have dreamed of showing competitively at QH for years.

The decision was made to start training with Reichert Performance Horses May 17, 2010. I took 3 horses to training for an honest opinion: two older horses that had been in fulltime training for many years and a 2yo.  It was not long before Angie was honest with me and said the two older horses would not be AQHA material.  She did not have to be honest; she could have lied to me and kept taking my money! It was a setback to hear this, but I appreciated her honesty and took the two older horses’ home and took a yearling gelding there to be started correctly, but wanted a show horse to ride and show presently.

A client of Angie’s had decided to put her mare up for sale (One Hot Krysum X ZMGB). Knowing the mare had been in quality training, I decided to purchase the mare in January 2011 so I would have a horse to show immediately while the young ones were being trained and finished.  We went to the Dixie Nationals in Feb and were Res Champion NSBA in Novice Western Pleasure out of ~ 40 head. Since then, Angie and I have put ~20 points on her in western pleasure. I earned my first ever Circuit Championship in Western Pleasure at the last show!! Recently, Angie started my mare in trail. She showed her at the last two shows and earned points at both shows in All Age Trail!

Angie is the hardest working person with the highest standards. She delivers her information in a way so the clients will not feel incompetent and can learn from each ride. God has blessed her with a talent. J   The respect I have for her is un-measureable.  Thank you Angie for an incredible ride!


(2011) My daughter Kristen had a passion for horses at a very early age. We knew nothing about horses, and made all the beginner mistakes. We bought several horses that were not safe, or just not show horses. The last horse we bought, I thought we made another mistake. Or it could have been a mistake if not for Angie Reichert. The horse was young, and so was my daughter. Not a good combination. She was scared of the horse, and the horse knew it. I thought about selling him several times, but knew he could be a good horse with the right training. We stumbled thru a couple years going to open shows, using a few local trainers along the way. Then a friend of mine told me about Angie Reichert, and the success she was having with her. I had watched her at several shows, and liked the way she interacted with her clients. Everyone always seemed like they were having a great time at the shows, and were so supportive of each other.

We sent Zip to her in December 2009. It was amazing to see the difference in just a few short months. Not only did the horse improve, but my daughter's confidence soared! Angie is so good with Kristen. She's firm when she needs to be, and her positive attitude is always present. Unlike some other trainers, Angie has taught Kristen how to ride and train her own horse. When she goes in the show pen she knows it's her hard work paying off. This has given my daughter a great sense of accomplishment.

Angie has also been great about helping us find the right feeding program for Zip. He looks better than he has ever looked. She is always available to answer questions, and for this I am very grateful. We have only been with Angie for 7 short months, but the change in this horse and rider has been amazing! She went from having 2 AQHA points to 15 in a very short time. Kristen and Zip earned 6 1/2 points in their last AQHA show. They are also wining Novice youth all around. That's something we thought would never happen. Anyone who is looking for a great trainer that will get you where you want to be, look no further. I look forward to years of winning with Angie by our side. Going into our relationship with Angie, I was looking for a solid trainer for

Zip and Kristen. What we got was a lot more. We got a great trainer, a good friend who is smart, funny, patient, and has an extensive knowledge of horses.

Sandy and Kristen Urbanavage

(2011) I can say without a doubt Angie is THE BEST!  

I met Angie for the first time in late 2010 when we were “interviewing” trainers in our area to break our new 7yo paint rescue. We knew “Warrior” would need extensive work, but his calm nature, kind eyes, and obvious want for attention got me. 

The period of time that Warrior has been with Angie has been amazing! She had to start from day one as he lacked even the basics and was afraid of absolutely everything.  As we watched her doing round pen work on his fifth day, I saw exactly what she was talking about.  A horse in the pasture jogged by and he attempted to jump out of the round pen and go with the pasture horse, resulting in a large chest wound.  I was afraid his training was over, but he was treated and went back to work. While he was on stall rest, Angie began desensitizing him in his stall- in no time he was gentled to a new horse so the riding could begin.   

Today, our Warrior is a different horse. Everyone that knew him from the beginning say his transformation is amazing.  He was 7 yo with a faulty foundation when he began training. Many people said he could not start over at his age; all the credit goes to Angie!  She has taught us that patience, consistency, and routine are the key building blocks to a training program.  She has also been a tremendous asset to helping my husband’s riding skills.  He has been taking lessons and enjoys learning from Angie’s teaching techniques. I too have greatly benefitted from my time with Angie as I am learning there is more than one way to ride and train a horse.  Her energy, positive attitude, and tireless work ethic constantly amaze and inspire me.  Who knows, one day I might go back into the show ring, but I wouldn’t consider it without Angie’s help.

Keli and Robert Robinson

When I met Angie, I was pregnant. I couldn't wait to get in the saddle again. Even though I wasn't riding or training, Angie helped me in every way with regard to our horses, our farm, recommending feeding schedules, barn chore lists, vet recommendations, and training suggestions. Her professional help does not end with the horse she has in the barn. She has been a wealth of knowledge and has turned out to be a great friend. Our time with her is always fun, ever changing and challenging.

Angie has won us many ribbons, world championships, and has trained our undereducated horses into being champions. She has done so with grace and in a manner that I can be proud of. She creates winners the right way! She doesn't cut corners or cheat. If she is winning, it is due to shear hard work and determination. Angie is a trainer I would recommend to any other adult or child. She shoots straight, is very professional, very fair and has integrity. She is a one of a kind!

If you look at the sales page, you can see that Janet Sanders and Jean Brooks bought a load of great horses in the past two years. We found Angie by accident and what a great accident it was. We looked at a "show" horse that was at Angie's for training. I went to take a look and met Angie, Morgan and Lori. It was a fit! I didn't buy THAT horse, on Angie's recommendation, but I found Angie. I love Angie and her clients. We have been on the fast track ever since.

In two years, Angie has created a horse showing monster in me and has created a World Champion in my twelve year old daughter. Janet is in those critical years and I appreciate the influence that Angie is to Janet. Angie is soft and quiet yet firm. Janet thinks she is "cool" and takes instruction from her very well. Janet never gets bored and looks to Angie as a mentor. Thank you Angie!

Thank you Angie Reichert for the many blessings you have given me and Janet. I will be proud to hand Charlie over to her to work with you just as soon as she can stay in the saddle!

Jean Brooks
Niceville, FL

After eighteen years away from showing Quarter Horses, I was able to venture back into the wonderful world of horses in the fall of 2007. As my husband and I built a barn over the summer, I took riding lessons from someone who came recommended to me and tried to “prepare” myself for riding and showing again. Things certainly had changed A LOT in those eighteen years. At the end of the summer, I started looking for my own horse, and found several I was interested in. A trainer from my past was currently using a trainer near Birmingham, Alabama, and they had a few prospects available for sale. I trusted the person who suggested this trainer to me, and off I went to look at a particular four year old gelding they had for sale. Long story short, I really got “taken” on this gelding. He was advertised as ready to go hunt seat or western pleasure and would do the all-around for a novice amateur or youth. The horse I bought was not the same horse once I brought him home. He wasn’t ready to go ANYWHERE much less to a horseshow! This horse had been kept in a show barn, and would spook at most everything, even the leaves blowing on the trees, because he had never experienced anything but being in a covered arena or an enclosed barn. Because he was AQHA in a barn full of Palominos, he didn’t get hauled anywhere and stayed behind at the barn while everyone else was hauled and shown.

Fast forward three months, and I am at my wits end. I was ready to sell this gelding and start over. Of course, I was already attached to him and that would have been extremely hard to do. I felt like he had potential, but no one else around me seemed to feel that way. I was trying to work his issues out alone at home, and still try to show him at some local, open shows in our area (and there aren’t many!). Finally, at a local show, I saw a trainer and her clients and just kind of sat back and took note. They were having fun, working hard, and enjoying themselves. Some were successful, some were not so successful that weekend, but everyone was happy and the trainer was tireless and was always complimenting each of her clients. Any criticism was given in a very quiet, polite way. I asked around, looked up her website and gave her a call the next week. That trainer was Angie Reichert.

Five short one hour lessons (and counting!) and two months later, I am getting the horse I so hoped I had. He is responding to training and is becoming more level headed. Most importantly, she is teaching me to train him myself at home, so no matter how many times I can or cannot make it to her facility, we are always training and working and improving. Also, probably most importantly, she believed in both me and the horse. She believed, like I did, that he has potential. I just had to have the help to unlock it. This was a horse who was biting me in halter classes, throwing his head up all the time under saddle, knew nothing of “collection” and was an absolute wreck at the horseshows. We have gone to two shows with Angie, and it has been an absolutely amazing transformation. We have placed in every thing we have shown in—including nine first places. I look forward to riding and working this horse every day now that we have a training program in place!

Anyone who is looking for lessons or training or both, no matter what level, Angie Reichert can help you and make you feel so comfortable while doing so! Her positive nature and attitude will make you feel better about yourself and your horse in no time! I had a “different” horse in about two weeks of following her program! I look forward to years and years of successes with Angie as our trainer as we eventually graduate from open shows to Quarter Horse shows.

Thank you Angie!

Gwen Parker & A Good Cloud Walker (Curley)

Open Letter to any and all Reichert Performance Horse prospective clients-

I had the good fortune of meeting Angie Reichert in 1998 when her husband Mike was TDY at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery for ACSC School. Angie needed a place to board her show gelding and her new stud colt, Chocolate Chip Zip, better known with us as “CC”. So 1998 was the beginning of what has developed into a lifelong friendship between the entire Williams family and the Reichert family. When Mike came back to another school a couple of years later we were thrilled to have them back in Montgomery for another year.

I can say without one moments hesitation that Angie Reichert is one the most talented horse people I know. Angie is honest and upfront about every aspect of her life from A to Z. She has proven her strength of character to me over and over in the past 8 years and NOT JUST when it was convenient for her.

Angie has a God given talent with animals and horses in particular. She evaluates each horse on its own merits and molds the training format accordingly. The program she develops builds on the strengths of the individual horse and works at correcting the weakness so you end up with a well-rounded and confident mount. ALL horses are not meant to be able to excel at ALL things.

Angie has such a good understanding of the actual mechanics of the equine muscular skeletal system that she can watch a horse move and tell you a tremendous amount about the horse’s potential. The mental evaluation of the horse was something that seemed to be an evolving situation as the horse’s confidence would grow. In all cases Angie will be very honest with you about reasonable expectations for your horse that might be in training with her.

My only regret is that I did not spend more time riding with Angie when she was here in Montgomery with us. My goal before I am too old to ride is to get back in the saddle and spend time in Florida riding with Angie! Get my room ready!!!!

Vickie Robinson Williams
Montgomery, Alabama

Angie has an amazing talent when it comes to horses and people. Many folks are "horse trainers” but I can honestly say that she is more! Her communication skills and kind heart is what makes her a true professional. Angie's passion for life, knowledge, success, and horses are just a few things that make her a truly amazing woman. I have been at shows with her and she knows the horse business. I would ask a question about something, and she always had the right answer. I was sitting there thinking "Man she knows her stuff”. I feel a little silly but at least I have Angie!!!!" So if you are looking for a smart, compassionate, and well-rounded Instructor/horse trainer/Coach, have found her.

I would have to say of all the people that I have met in the "Horse World" Angie has by far made one of the largest impacts. I had the privilege of boarding with her when I was 16. I have been riding horses for a long time and I thought that I knew a lot. After riding with her I realized I still had a great deal to learn. After a while I decided that I wanted to take on the challenge of a foal. At the time all I was thinking was small, sweet, and just so cute!!! After my colt was born, I saw that it wasn't just fun and games. Angie was there every step of the way from halter breaking, leading, and all the basics.

Mallory Williams

Our family cannot thank Angie enough for helping us and moving us through our horse "crisis". We purchased a three yr old gelding who quickly proved smarter, more resourceful, and way more hard headed than his new 15 yr old owner and her mom. We were on the verge of giving up on a lifetime of riding and unable to find help when Angie was recommended to us. She took us under her wing, and our gelding went to school. She invited us to watch her work with the horse, so we can continue his training when he returns home. We are seeing real progress toward a safe, enjoyable horse for our family….. and he was a true knucklehead!

My daughter never had a good show experience prior to going with Angie….that show was fun!!!!! She is encouraging, easy to understand, and kind to her students. She rides on a horse while my daughter rides on another during lessons, showing her the right way as well as speaking it. She is investing her skills in her students- selflessly- moving them on toward the future. Once again, thanks seem inadequate for what she has done for us. 

The Donahue family,
Mossy Head. FL

I have known Angie a very long time and have watched her work with horses. I have ridden with her also. Angie is one of the best trainers I have come across. I recommend her to everyone!! She has done a very good job with my horse and my sisters horse. Keep up the good work Angie!!! :)


I finally have a trainer that cares. 
A trainer that is knowledgeable-fair and honest. Angie Reichert in my book is number one. She will always put her clients needs first. 

I have just gone through one of the toughest times with a previous horse I owned. Angie was there for me through the tears, the vets, the trips for second opinions. She was also there to help guide me when searching for my new performance horse. I couldn't and wouldn't have done it without her. Her eye is impeccable!!!!! 

Thank you Angie for being everything I have looked for in a trainer. Your talents are a gift and your friendship is a treasure.

With love, admiration and respect, 
Angie Bartlett

My daughter has been showing for 6 or 7 years and we have employed a few coaches/instructors/"trainers" over the years. She is now 15 and at an age when if not enjoying the show results, all the work is drudgery and interests change. That is where we were before Angie took us under her wing. Not only is her work ethic incredible, (she has unlimited energy!), she manages all preliminary show arrangements, warm-ups, scheduling, etc., with a smile. She is so respected among the QH family as a trainer, rider, and person; it has opened many doors of friendship for us by our association with her. Never overbearing or brash, she manages to soothe my daughter with her confidence of what she has instilled in both her and the horse that she is riding before entering the show pen. We've enjoyed many wins because of Angie, as have the others riding with her. I totally trust her in all aspects to be fair and knowledgeable. We truly look forward to the shows now and the camaraderie among the select group she has chosen to train for.

Lori and Morgan Goodwin

Before my horse and I went to Reichert Performance Horses, we were a terrible mess! After a month of Mrs. Angie working with us, there was a complete turn around in our performance together. She is a wonderful trainer, and person. I wouldn't trade the trainer my horse and I had for anything!!

Sheryl Betts.

Since I’ve known Angie approximately 5 yrs and most of our shared time has revolved around horses, I could easily write a book! But for the sake of brevity I’ll try to consolidate my comments and observations.

When Angie first moved to Crestview she boarded her horse here (thank goodness!) and as she watched me struggling with Davos, my Hanovarian, she took pity on us both and offered to help. Even though this horse is registered, based on temperament and work ethic he should be categorized as a lazy mule rather than a Warmblood! Being a novice select rider I was thrilled to just maintain a canter for a half circle, if my "mule" would even decide he felt like cantering in the first place. Skip ahead several months and I showed him in Training Level at a schooling show and we came away with the high point award. During the next couple of years Angie continued with his training and progressed to Second Level with him before a pasture injury resulted in his early retirement. Throughout this time I was absolutely awed by the fact Angie was able to transform such a stubborn though talented animal that, when I bought him, was only being used for pleasure riding because previous trainers had given up on training him for dressage.

During Davos’s dressage career we’d occasionally go to Open Shows and I’d ride him in pleasure classes, usually taking first, so I decided I’d like to show HUS at the AQHA shows. Angie helped me find an awesome 17.1 appendix quarter horse, Yankee, that had already had a successful show career. Unfortunately, even though he’d acquired over 150 pts , he lacked many of the basics since he was rushed into the show ring (i.e. leg pressure only meant "go forward faster") and he’d become ring sour. So once again Angie worked with him and he’s now the consummate school master and received the All Around Award at several AQHA shows. Currently Yankee’s semi-retired because he was shown so often so early, but he’s now beautifully and thoroughly trained and is a pure joy to just ride in the arena at home. Besides, I’d found my third, and hopefully final, appendix quarter horse, Indi.

When I bought Indi he had been successfully shown by a youth but he was still young, hadn’t been asked to work beyond his "comfort level", and had little if any work ethic. Thank goodness Angie had the patience to continue working with me! She’s shown Indi how to collect himself while maintaining a level headset and consistent momentum, convinced him rearing was not the proper way to show his displeasure, and we have now placed first in many of the Novice Amateur and Select classes at the AQHA shows and are ready to take the leap to Amateur HUS.

I would imagine Select riders, especially ones such as myself who rode hunter/jumper eons ago then came back to riding after retirement, are probably the hardest group of clients to work with! Fortunately, Angie has the ability to explain techniques and give instructions in a very concise way without being condescending or demeaning. Her energy level is limitless and she’s just stubborn enough that she refuses to give up on an animal just because they’re not easily trained, fortunately for me! Add to those attributes a profound insight into the nature of horses, a willingness to modify instruction and techniques if the stereotypical approach doesn’t work, and a background in just about every equine related discipline and you have an exceptionally effective trainer - Angie R.

Gratefully written by,
Jan Faircloth