* 3/2017 Congrats to Garrison Crowe on the purchase of "Reno" as a Youth All Arounder. Thank you to Tara Schmidt on the sale of this gelding!

          * 2/2017 Congrats to Hannah on her purchase of  "Upstanding Paycheck" as a Youth All Arounder.  Thank to Lena Aviles on the sale of this gelding.  "Bae" will be staying at RPH!  

          * 4/2017 Congrats to Lena Aviles on her purchase of "Huntin For Vital Signs" as an Amateur All Arounder. Thank you to Angie Reichert on the sale of this gelding. "Dinero" will be staying with RPH!

          * 3/2017 Congrats to Susan Jordan of Ft Walton Beach on the purchase of "Best Of Invited". 

          * 4/2017 Congrats to Wendy Nodar of Michigan on the purchase of "VF Both Sides Zipped".

          * 4/2017  Congrats to Ashley Doan on the purchase of  Lucy as a Youth All Arounder. Thank you Clayton Jerrell!

          * 4/2017 Congrats to Maggie Bowers on the purchase of   "A Radical Sleep" as a Youth All Arounder. Thank you Nick and Carmen Mayabb!

          * 4/2017 Congrats to Vickie Williams on the purchase of "Dreamin Of A Zippo" as an Open All Arounder. Thank you Nick and Carmen Mayabb!



                * 10/2016 Welcome: "Erupcion" aka Batman 2yo Halter Gelding. Congrats Jordan Reichert! Thank you Keith Howell. 
                * 3/2016 Welcome: "Vendicated" aka "Vinny."  Aged Halter Gelding. Congrats to Jordan Reichert! Thank you to Keith Howell.

                * 3/2016 Welcome: "Zips Odyssey" aka "Zippy". Thank you Chris Henderson on the sale of such a nice western All Around mare. Thank You Lisa Curruth for putting the sale together. 



        * 10/2015 Welcome: "Surely Cashin Chex" aka "Barbie". Congrats  Linda Williams! Thank you                  Cindy Simmons of TX for the sale of such a nice Ranch/Reining mare. Thank you Kim Ferguson             of  Sliding K  for putting the sale together.  

         * 9/2015 Sold: "Sugar" Congrats to Lauren Rinke on the purchase of an Open Jumping Division               Winning mare. 

         * 9/2015 Welcome: "Lacey Good Bar" aka "Lacey" yearling filly and Hannah Patterson!

         * 8/2015 Welcome: "Huntin For Vital Signs" aka "Gigilo"- Weanling stallion sired by: VS Flatline X               Huntin My Haylo. Congrats to Angie Reichert. Thank You Greg Dubiel of Canada on the sale of             such a nice weanling. 

         * 8/2015 Welcome to RPH: "Taba Oro" Golden Mustang mare and Deb Edwards! 

         * 7/2015 Welcome: "VF Both Sides Zipped" aka "Legs". Congrats Maggie Bowers! Thank you to               Melanie Beese of MS on the sale of such a nice gelding.

         * 6/2015 Welcome: "Good Looking Girl" aka "Ashes" yearling filly. Congrats Maggie Bowers!

         * Sold: "Skipa Two Eyed Dan": Congrats Danette Guertin, and her trainer, Liz Leon Cavallo on               the purchase of a fancy All Around mare and PHBA 2015 Res World Champion!

         * Welcome to RPH: Asst. Trainer Devon Smith!!!

         * 2/2015 Welcome to RPH Linda Williams and "Dun It On High" aka "Sam"!

        * 2/2015   Welcome: "Open The Wine" aka "Vino". Congrats to Patrick and Kerri Davies! Thank
        you to Dan Lowery of Ohio on the sale of such a nice All Around gelding. 

         * 1/2015 Welcome to RPH: Michelle Ferguson and Brandi Stevens with "Romeo" and "Hombre"


BARN FIRE: 1/19/2014

To My Dear Family and Friends, Yes, we had a horrible tragedy hit Sunday 5am. My dear friends (aka clients) and myself lost 9 of our amazing, loving equine show partners. A thunderstorm hit, and my show barn took a direct lightening strike the middle top rafter and the barn burned to the ground. I am very sorry for not returning messages and calls. Due to the unfathomable grief, life is very difficult at the moment! I am just now checking FB and seeing the outpouring of love, prayers, and support from the equine community. This support makes my heart cry and think that just maybe we can go on after such a tragedy. We thank you for the outpouring of concern:  Cynthia & Maggie Bowers, Kerri Davies, Nicole Lindsey, Karen Oney, Eden Owen, Debbie Purchase, Tracey Schraeder, Sue Sherlock.    Sincerely, ~ Angie


12/2014   We are marching on! 


Welcome to:

* Skippa Two Eyed Dan, "Sassy" and Maggie Bowers. Thank you to Dawn Larson of Florida for such a nice All Around mare.

* DeeRanged, "Ranger"  and Kerri Davies. Thank you to Kasie Carr of Michigan for such a nice All Around gelding.

* Custom Made Caan, "Mojo" and Nicole Lindsey. Thank you to Jamie Hall and Jane Neopanen of Florida for such a nice western pleasure gelding.

* Time On The Range, "Chloe" and Nicole Lindsey. Thank you to Ann Web of  Illinois on such a nice western pleasure mare.

* Just Me Only, "Stella" and Eden Owen. Thank you to ...  of Pensylvania on such a nice All Around mare.

* My Kinda Lazy, "Candi" and Tracey Schraeder. Thank you to Jennifer Stein of Pensylvania on such a nice western pleasure mare.

* He Fancies Blondes, "Stone" and Sue Sherlock. Thank you to Kimberely Proctor of Texas on such a nice HUS gelding.

* Coupe Dueville, "Bentley" and Vickie Williams. Thank you to Lindsey Gillette of Florida on such a nice HUS gelding. 

*  Best Of Invited, "Ace" and Ashley Doan. Thank you to Jane Neopanen of FL on such a nice All Around gelding.



        * Congratulations to Maggie Bowers and Good Looking Leaguer. "Elvis" will be shown in Youth All Around and Green Trail          and Green HUS. Thank You Carrie Humburg on the sale of such a nice gelding!

        * Welcome to A Maximum Investment. "Cash" will be shown in Sr and Green HUS. Thank You Carrie Humberg on the sale of a such a nice gelding.

        * Congratulations to Eden Owen of Foley, AL on her purchase of: Diva Ina Hot Rod! Thank you to Rodney

               Mathews from KY for selling such a nice yearling. Eden will be showing in western events in beginning in 2014!

         * Welcome to Dara Stanfill of Baker, FL! Congratulations also on the purchase of Heza Awesome Hint. Dara will be

                   showing in All Around events with the focus on HUS.

        * Welcome to Crystal Fryer of Panama City, FL and Incontestably Awesome. Crystal and "Zeus" will be showing

                   All Around.

        * Congratulations to Nicole Lindsey of Foley AL on selling: Hunting For My Lexus!

        * Congratulations to Nicole Lindsey on her purchase: Plenty Good Enough (Grandson of Good Version x

                 Macs Good and Plenty).  Thank you to Ruth Angle of Lubbock, TX for selling such a nice 2yo!



  •  Congratulations to Tracey Schraeder on her purchase from the Reichert Celebration Yearling sale:  Real Sudden aka "Style"  (RL Best of Sudden x Cookie Snatcher). Thank You to Steve Martin on selling us such a yearling.
  • Congratulations to PATrick and Kerri Davies of Marianna, FL on the purchase of Sweet Talking Rodder  (Radical Rodder x Talking to Angels). Thank You to Tracey Schrader for breeding such a nice mare.
  •  Welcome: Rachel and Jackie Trebesh of Navarre, FL. Rachel will be showing Amateur All Around.
  • Welcome:  Laura and Vivian Smith of Fairhope, AL. These ladies will be showing in Hunter Under Saddle and Eq.

  • Welcome: Karen Oney and Sterling Good Image of Black Forest, Colorado! Sterling will be shown in the Sr Western Pleasure and Green Trail.


  • 6/11 Welcome to RPH: Eden Owen and "Zips Dreamy Dude" from Foley, AL.
    Eden will be showing All Around soon.

  • 3/11 CONGRATULATIONS to Kerri Davies of Marianna, FL on her purchase of "Im Red Hot Tonight". Kerri and Hot will show in the Western Pleasure events. Welcome to RPH!! What a great pair together.
  • 1/11 CONGRATULATIONS to Tracey Schraeder and Lynn Borden of Black, AL on their purchase of "Got Hot Grease On Me" aka Rizzo. Thank you Vickie Williams of Montgomery, AL on the sale of such a wonderful horse!!


  • CONGRATULATIONS to Sue Sherlock on her new purchase of IE Scorching!! 2 yo HUS Gelding Iron Enterprise x Scorching Hot (x Hot N Blazing)

  • September 2010:  Welcome to RPH: Kerri Davies of Marianna, FL  Kerri will be showing WP and soon in the All Around 
  • August 2010:   Welcome to RPH: Nicole Lindsey and Huntin For My Lexus of Fairhope, AL. Nicole and "Lexie" will be showing in WP and soon HUS

  • May 2010:  Welcome to RPH: Tracey Schraeder and Lynn Borden bringing in horses: Sweet Talkin Gigolo; Gigolos Slowpoke, and Sweet Talkin Rodder! Tracey will be showing in western pleasure. We are proud to have you riding on the RPH Team!

  • April 2010:  Welcome to "Got Hot Grease On Me" (OHK x ZMGB) Congrats to Vickie Williams on your new Western Pleasure mare- "Rizzo"!

  • March 2010:  Welcome to Jenna Longfellow, her mother: Stacey Barkman, and her Nana: Nancy Bennett. Jenna will be riding and showing All Around in the Small Fry W/T division. We are happy to have you all at RPH!

  • February 2010: Welcome to RPH: Betsy & Mike Shedd of Montgomery, AL and Chocodellphia. Betsy will be showing in the All Around Select and Novice Amateur events!